A media piece featured on Newsroom highlighting the Product promotional strategies in supermarkets and their effects on sales: A case study of breakfast cereals and drinks in New Zealand paper. Read the article here.

This study investigated the effectiveness of a sodium-reduction smartphone app and reduced-sodium salt to lower sodium intake in adult with hypertension. To read more click here.
This study investigated the effect of product promotional strategies in different supermarkets. To read more click here.

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If you would like to find out more, there is an episode from True Story, Sweet As featuring Dr. Helen Eyles and Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu that investigates sugar and its connection to the obesity epidemic. Click here for the podcast.

This study investigated the effects of Front-of-Pack labelling (FoPL) on the quantity of foods and different nutrients purchased. To read more click here.

Congratulations to Professor Boyd Swinburn, DIET Programme Co-Director on his recent prestigious awards including WPT James Award of Public Health Research and International award from the World Obesity Federation.

In addition Professor Swinburn is also the Gluckman Medal Recipient for 2022 from the University of Auckland which recognises his outstanding research contributions.

Congratulations to Professor Tony Blakely, DIET Programme Co-Director, whose paper was awarded the runner-up best paper prize in the Economic Record journal”. To read this publication please click here.

The Salt content of some pre-packaged sauces in NZ is exceptionally high. Six out of ten sauces sold in NZ don’t meet voluntary salt targets. To read more click here.